Pivotcrafter is the creator and founder of MCCW. He currently lives in Denmark. He's 15 years old, and his birthday's on the 29th of September.

The IdeaEdit

Pivotcrafter got his idea for MCCW after playing Warcraft II. In mid-2011 Pivotcrafter got the idea of making a custom map with four teams, based off of Warcraft 2. At that time advanced MC-Edit filters and commandblocks were not yet added to the game, so Pivotcrafter decided to just leave the idea of building that custom map.

In the late 2012, Pivotcrafter stumbled upon this game called MCZE, which was a pluginbased minigame, which was about running away from infected players. The game was created by CommunityMC, and was developed by Notrodash.

After a few weeks of being addicted to MCZE, Pivotcrafter thought of trying to build a custom map again, and again using the idea of 4 teams, and a gameplay like Warcraft II. Pivotcrafter still did not have the knowledge to create such a redstone contraption, and so he thought: "Hey wait a second! This idea is not meant for a custom map.. This should be a pluginbased game!" And so Pivotcrafter decided to contact Notrodash, to tell him about the idea. Notrodash loved it, and told Pivotcrafter to write every single detail down on a Google Document. 5 days later Pivotcrafter had written 20 pages, so Pivotcrafter and Notrodash started developing the game.